My First Blog :)

Finally, I am all set for the first posting in my first ever blog,something that I had been wanting to do since a long time. Writing has been my love since forever. It is one of my biggest dreams to be able to write so beautifully some day that my father(who is a great poet himself) can say –“I am so proud of you – beta”.  When I talk of dreams, starting my own blog has been one of many and am so glad this one is happening now.



5 thoughts on “My First Blog :)

  1. The girl and the poem which won my heart… its a poem very close to my soul and indeed the motto of my life – FLY HIGH…
    High fives to you pipu for writing such inspiring line!!!


  2. Dad, Mom, Jeeju and Me, we all feel so proud of you always. All your feelings that u express though your words itself speaks the reason of our love for you. I feel so blessed to have a sis like you.

    They say sky is the limit, but for you i certainly don’t see any limit. All the best cheenu 🙂


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