Let me fly !!!

For this one moment…I want to be a kid!
And do everything…once upon a time I did..
Sit on my father’s lap and recite a nursery rhyme,
And then ask him to lift me…so that I can touch the wind chime,
Proudly tell my mom how I rode the bicycle without supporters,
And ‘seriously’ fall in love with the TV news reporters,
Keep all the self-esteem, pride and honour at stake
And threaten to cry if I am not given the cherry on my B’Day cake,
Make faces on being denied a ‘fruity’ in winters
And believe  God’s existence without ever looking for a reason,
Hate milk…and secretly throw it away in the garden……..
…..And later feel guilty for the deed…and beg Almighty’s pardon
Jump on the carom board if I fail to get the queen,
And fantasize about travelling alone when I am eighteen,
Like superheroes…and find Spiderman better than the rest,
And then feel proud to believe…that my daddy is the best,
Loiter around with my pet…and call it my best friend,
Look at things from my perspective…from my end,
Talk to the sun in late afternoon everyday
And try to convince it to make a night stay
Come across strangers and give them a beautiful smile
And nonetheless…dream of growing up all this while
Scream nonsense…talk gibberish…act stupid
For this one moment…I want to be a kid..!
Let me go where my heart shall take me,
Let me do what my heart should say,
Let me listen to the call of my heart
Let me fly…fly away!

Let me have no chains to bind me
Let me leave the past behind me
Let me not for tomorrow forget to live today
Let me fly…fly away!

Let me not be divided by my heart and mind
Let me have my own paths to find
Let me wander, let my find my way
Let me fly…fly away!

Let me pick wild flowers, and nuture wild dreams
Let me aim for the sky, however high it seems
Let me in my Destiny have a say
Let me fly…fly away!

Let me not be forced to go,
Where the world shall call me an ‘achiever’
Let me do what it takes to realize my own dreams
Let me be a believer!
Let me just be able to bring for the world,
Some love, some joy!
Let me fly!
Let me fly!



3 thoughts on “Let me fly !!!

  1. “let me fly” – so very aptly written for not only the children of today but also us as adults. Chatting to a friend yesterday on the eve of his birthday, about all the things I remember most in the last year and it came out to be just a week in which I was holidaying in Greece. I am still trying to reconcile to the fact that why am I am taking more of such week’s holidays and go out to “fly”.

    Perhaps this post will inspire me to.


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