The ‘Not so worth it’ brigade….!

The Facebook status message of a friend, a couple of days ago, really got me thinking. It said – Some people are so not worth it, the sooner you realise, the saner you will feel. When I read it, I immediately felt the need to know who are the people in my life, that I think are not worth it. And I realised that I knew the answer, I have always known but haven’t really taken it seriously or rather have taken myself for granted. I think this happens with most of us. We knowingly allow the ‘not worth it brigade’ to be a part of our lives and I hope everyone would agree to the fact that it definitely has an impact on us – a negative one in the forms of emotional hurts, let downs, ditches and I can go on with the list.

But it was time for me to browse through my friends’ list and to my surprise, at the end of my analysis of it, the categories had changed from best friends to good friends, from good friends to acquaintances, from full profile to limited profile and as I was doing it, I actually felt a lot clearer and saner. I know now for sure, who are the people who would stand for me come what may, who love me, who make me happy and who are ‘worth it’ and I want to give them all my love.  My heart felt a lot more at peace with my own self as I had shed the unnecessary and unwanted stuff out of it.

I think that at times , we all do need to go through this not so pleasant exercise but an exercise that can avoid many unpleasant experiences  in the future because at the end of it, you would know the right places for the people in your life,  the expectations bar would end up looking a lot different  and you would actually feel a lot saner than before.


9 thoughts on “The ‘Not so worth it’ brigade….!

  1. truth of life expreseed in such simple and beautiful manner.
    really dear… becomes more meaningful after such thougts..!
    very nicely written. ur blog is awesum.
    It shows your creativity and substance.


  2. this post perfectly reflects your attitude and your persona, i remember the days when you would sit and cry for some unworthy freaks and look at you today such a transformation that could motivate a lot of people. Gr8 job mah ROXSTA 🙂


  3. … its only a few ppl in life who bring us all the joys in the world. I wish all of us were sane enough to identify such ppl… very well written and lucidly explained.

    Is there a official fan list for this blog… i want to the first person on that list 🙂


    • Yeah….it is indeed very difficult to differentiate between people because we refuse/ignore to look at things for real.I think when you would understand to differentiate between people who just ‘talk or say’ things to you and people who actually ‘do’ things for u, you would know whi are your real friends and who are only ‘friends on the list’.


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