My life-long romance….!

“To love onself is the beginning of a life long romance” – Oscar Wilde. Another great thought and some good food for thought. Somewhere while growing up from that tiny baby to a mature adult, we all forget this simple act of loving ourselves or rather loving ourselves the way we are. With a heavy duty ‘I SHOULD’ list ruling our lives all the time, we lose the ‘real self’ within us and ‘WHAT I ACTUALLY WANT’ list is ignored or neglected or many a times never even thought upon and that’s when begins denying our own good or in other words ‘not loving ourselves’.

The love I am talking about here is not self-obsession or vanity or arrogance or being stuck up because all that is fear, not love. I am talking about having a great respect for ourselves and pride in being ‘what we actually are’. When I compared my dreams as a child to my dreams as a grown up, I realised that many of my dreams as an adult were guided by the ‘I should’ factor which came from family expectations, peer pressure and more so, from self-denial when I just wanted to be a part of the crowd rather than being and loving the real unique me. I realised that I had put loving myself on hold until I have achieved a high flying career or a size zero or a Louis vuitton handbags collection….until I had ticked everything on my ‘I should ‘ list.

The realisation came more as a shock- now I have ‘terms and conditions’ inorder to be able to love myself….!…..???

Has it become so damn tough for all of us to accept and love ourselves for what we are…for what we actually want??? Has the pressure of being ‘perfect’ become so big, that we can always remember the last time when we told ourselves-you disgust me, you are bad/a loser/ugly/fat but we can hardly remember the last time when we said to ourselves – I really truly love you and appreciate you as you are???

 I think I have got my answers and if you get your answers, give a big goodbye kick to every bit of that ‘somebody else’ inside you. It’s your space, fill it with enormous love and acceptance for yourself . If you are not perfect – so what? But you are ‘you’, there is no one like you, there can be no one else like you because you are the best at being ‘yourself’. The pressures would always be there, but you have to know ‘what is meant for you’. So love yourself , accept yourself, appreciate yourself and last but not the least ‘celebrate yourself’. It’s time for that life- long romance to begin!


4 thoughts on “My life-long romance….!

  1. Great post! You almost give a feeling of a football coach driving his team in the locker room towards the bigger self, the bigger motive, the bigger goal where nothing else matters except thyself..


  2. another awesome post… well the only thing am gng to say is that I am going to print this post today (yes invest in that bit of paper for people raising green eyebrows) and stick it on my desk to read it every morning…
    perhaps this will motivate me to celebrate myself and get rid of everyone else inside me!


  3. aaawww…grt post ….well said by Nonu even I will take print out of this post today itself…its so motivating di…it will help priya for sure….thanks a ton…u rock..!!


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