Happy Birthday Sachin !!!

You made me believe

That dreams do happen

You made me learn

That humility is the strongest weapon

You made me realise

That with perseverance , you can always fight

You taught me that it’s your qualities

That count, not your height

You inspire me

to conquer every hurdle

you proved that

Nothing is impossible

You made me wonder

About the heights of perfection

You make me  feel  proud

Of being an Indian !

Sachin Tendulkar…….A very Happy Birthday to you !!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sachin !!!

  1. happy birthday little master!
    and well done to my little master, very nicely framed words… especially when i know that this was written while having the morng cuppa


  2. Fantastic lines, a true expression from heart and that is what i like most in your poems. All the lines that you write are so beautiful cuz you write from beneath, the very person whose inside you and give your feelings the form of words..truly impressive…love..harsh


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