The Public-pleasing Syndrome !!!


“There is no sure way to success but one sure way to failure is to try to please everybody.”

When I read this quote, with some courage and a lot of guilt , I confessed to myself that I have many a times gone for the sure way to failure. The public pleasing syndrome – I think we all suffer from this…..the degrees may differ. I was shocked when I had  that minute of ‘honest thinking’ about how many times I wanted to say no to something and still I ended up saying yes, the number of occasions when my point of view or opinion was different from someone and I ended up coinciding with the latter, all those times when I really wanted to do something and then I didn’t or did something else.

All these times, when I was trying to make the other person happy, I was making myself so unhappy. And let’s not misunderstand it with being selfish.

I think everybody would agree to the fact that many a times, we repent not being able to utter as simple a word as ‘no’ , we regret being an altogether different person for the mere like of somebody else, we feel sorry about not being ourselves. All of this equals to low self esteem which triggers to failure.  Knowingly or unknowingly what governs most of our actions/reactions is the fear that a colleague/friend/family member or even your spouse would like it or not.

But the essence of any relationship whether personal or professional is the acceptance and acknowledgement of what you actually are , not dependent on the yardsticks of anybody’s likes/dislikes.

 So I have changed my ways from the sure way to failure. Life is too short ……I better live it ‘MY STYLE’, ‘MY WAY’ !!!


7 thoughts on “The Public-pleasing Syndrome !!!

  1. Nonu ~ Thanks a lot for being one of the most loyal followers of my blog. As far as drawing the line is concerned, I think when pleasing people starts making you lose who you are, then you are in trouble and I guess that’s where the line is to be drawn.


  2. Aditi ~ I know it’s not easy getting rid of a syndrome when it becomes a habit and you rightly said that it takes courage, in other words, it is not impossible to break the habit.


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