“I will try again tomorrow” :)

I remember a particular time when I couldn’t  help but feel really despondent about life and the harsh reality of ‘living the dream’. I was finding  it very tough to keep believing and continue to push ahead when there were no signs that things are going to change or improve anytime soon. Sometimes I do have doubts about myself and the way forward.

And then one such day, when I could feel nothing but fear to fail and the mental demons were doing their best to get their claws into my soul, I heard a small inner voice –“ just sit back and smile, you can always try tommorrow”. I listened to the voice, smiled and was amazed at how the simple act of smiling deflected every bit of gloom and despair.

Thank goodness for a new day, a new week and a new year. Imagine if life was just a series of hours with no definite beginning or end. We’d never have the extra push of an ideal opportunity to start afresh, to make a new beginninng…..to try again.

Irrespective of how many fresh starts you’ve already had, no one is going to limit the number of times you begin again. Who’s keeping tabs anyway?

All you need is a little courage….to hang on. After all, courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage  is the small, quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘ I will try again tomorrow’.


8 thoughts on ““I will try again tomorrow” :)

  1. Ever since i have been making mistakes, i have always kept myself saying, A NEW A NEW START A NEW LIFE. We the HUMANS have never been perfect and perhaps can never be but in the end we could at least try to do better every time.

    Your words comes from life cheenu….GREAT POST…



  2. Nice post again….that inner voice really keeps you going in all circumstances of your life & makes a you a winner finally!!


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