Friend or Foe ???

How often do we de-clutter our friendship list? Sounds a bit harsh? But isn’t it imperative to know if we spend time with people out of HABIT or DUTY, because you used to be great friends but now, if you are honest, to see them tends to leave you flat and deflated. Or perhaps the reason you still keep in touch with them is because you feel guilty if you don’t.

When you are striving to be the best, not all your friends will champion you along the way. Some will be there for you when you are down, but not when you decide to change your reality into something sweeter and more rewarding. Others will support you through the changes, but won’t still be there to celebrate your success.

Friends who start to envy your choices and eventual success will no longer energise you in the same way. Infact, spending time with them could chip away at your self-confidence, leaving you drained, mostly emotionally.

Friends are funny things. Some like it when you are down but don’t want to know when you are up. Others only want to know when you are on top and can’t be bothered with anything less. I guess life’s challenges and successes, both help you identify who those ‘true friends’ are. It certainly has for me.


One thought on “Friend or Foe ???

  1. Hey, you have hit just the right chords….that’s so true.
    Probably, time is one of the most powerful entity…which makes you distinguish between the right & the wrong…the truth & the lie…the friends & the foe!!
    Very well written Chandni.


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