Face your fears – Priyanka Chopra’s column in HT !!!

The universe that we exist in, quite often acts in mysterious ways, swirling things and around and then quite suddenly placing you in a position and time that is a bolt out of the blue. Many things in my life have quite literally just ‘happened’ to me…opportunities that have appeared in my journey of life, egging me on to try something new and push the limits of what I set as boundaries for myself. Miss India, Miss World and then films… they were situations that were far removed from my everyday reality but they were surprisingly presented to me to make of it what I could.

I was reminded of this earlier this week as I made my way to the launch of Sonal Kalra’s book A Calmer You. Sonal is the Editor of HT City and my very first meeting with her was when she ‘calmly’ asked me to write a weekly column for this paper. My instant response… “Are you insane?” Her calm response to that… “I think you can do it” and so I said… why not… and here I am 62 weeks later and still going strong. So, I was very happy and honoured to have been there to launch the book in Mumbai.

In the same vein, I feel my life is like a series of Fear Factor… the universe throws you a set of challenges…you either overcome your fears and take it on or you back off and live with the regret that you did not even try. There will be success and there will be failure… but that’s what makes life so interesting, exciting and oh-so-spicy. To give you an example of what I mean… the universe kept me in isolation for 2 months, brought me back home and threw me into a whirlwind of films, promotions, photo-shoots et al. It was a shock to my system but I took it on and here I am a few days later, smiling and excited that I had such an amazing time.

The choice is always yours… the universe gives you the option. Take the plunge


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