Fearless and Fancy free !!!

I have been unsuccessfully trying to do a few things, learn a few new things and make some changes in my life. It’s been happening for a year and today I decided to honestly look within myself, introspect and know why this has been happening. I realised that it’s ‘fear’ inside me that always stops me to make those changes in my life…fear to step out of my comfort zone, fear to let go, fear to try something new and the biggest of all, the fear to fail.

Yes….fear does govern our lives. It’s the natural warning system that you are in danger, that you are taking risks. When we feel it, our natural instinct is to run and hide. The older we get, the more we understand the consequences of our actions and the bigger our fear of taking risks becomes.

Fear is an incredibly complex emotion. On the one hand it can be invigorating and the catalyst that drives the adrenaline pumping through your veins. On the other hand it can be utterly paralysing. When fear becomes too big for your mind to process, your brain literally gives up, which is why you tend to feel so utterly helpless and lost.

But nothing quite beats that feeling of satisfaction and pride when you conquer your fears and achieve something against all odds. Which is why a little bit of fear is perfectly healthy.

We all have the fear to fail. We all detest defeat. But I have realised that the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is not a question of luck; it’s the acceptance that there is in fact no difference. Failure is in essence….success!

So, use your fear to your advantage, but don’t let it control your actions and choices. The moment it does, life become monotonous and dull….and you’re history !!! Dare to combat your fear, dare to conquer yourself….you are certainly not meant to be history!!!!


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