To Harsh……with love !!!

you have been my bestest friend,
since ur life began…
and till the day mine will end….
u wiped off all my tears
stood by me
…when things seemed so unclear
yes….it was coz of u
that in those lowest lows
I knew no fear
today I cant thank God enuf for the most precious gift
that I hav found in u
my bestest friend,
I really really miss u :’)


2 thoughts on “To Harsh……with love !!!

  1. OMG! i am so so surprised and happy 🙂 this is the best gift of the day :)… as i have always told that u are the first friend that i ever made and the most precious one as well. Cant thank u enough for being the way u have always been to me… i have never told u this in words but yeah i miss u the most every minute i am home :)… A big thank to the ALMIGHTY for blessing me with U… 🙂

    Miss u

    harsh 🙂


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