You are more beautiful than you think

The new Dove campaign shared by a friend on Facebook really got me thinking. In this ad, a forensic expert makes sketches of women without looking at them, on the basis of their own description of themselves. And then he also makes sketches of them on the basis of the descriptions given by someone who met them. The comparison of the two sketches brings most of those women to tears as they realise that description by people who met them led to more beautiful sketches of theirs than those made by their own descriptions of themselves.

The desire to look beautiful … you cannot take that away from a woman. ‘You are looking so beautiful today’ – the compliment can make every woman’s day and can give her enough confidence to take on the whole world. But it is strange why we always want to hear compliments from others but be the cruellest critic of our ourselves. Why is it so tough for us to admire and love our own selves? Why do we always have to need a boyfriend or husband or friend to tell us how beautiful we look? Is it so important for us to always be critical of ourselves? Why can’t we look into the mirror, smile and say with confidence – ‘I am beautiful the way I am!’?
It is sad that to compete with those airbrushed images, we end up killing our natural beauty and also above all our confidence.

I think your acknowledgement, your acceptance and your appreciation to yourself is the key to look beautiful and stay beautiful all your life. It is just about poking your head out of the dark self-critical world, open your eyes to the beauty within you and decide may be it is time to bloom because ‘you are definitely more beautiful than you think’.


2 thoughts on “You are more beautiful than you think

  1. So, my issue is a little different.,
    It’s amazing to me that folks will consider themselves less attractive than they are- while, at the same time, consider themselves more altruistic, more intelligent, and more even-handed than they really are. Interesting self-deception rules.


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