The surprising Dubai weather and me

Exactly 2 months today for me here in Dubai and I am still to experience the unbearable, scorching, humid heat of Dubai, the horror stories of which I have been hearing right from the day I decided to move here. They say it rains only 3 times a year in Dubai. Well, in the last 2 months, it rained around 6 times. They say that April onwards, it is so hot and humid outside that going out is just left to imagination. Well again, it’s 7th of May today and the weather is all pleasant with the sun out just at the right temperatures and lovely breeze blowing to keep away the humidity.

I also happened to speak to a lot of friends who have been here for some years and the beautiful weather unusual for this time around has taken everyone by surprise … a pleasant one for sure.

Coming from the snowing London, the great weather here made my ‘transition’ phase smoother keeping the heat under tolerable limits. I love taking walks with the warm sun on my shoulders or jog on the beach in the fragrant early sunlit hours or just sit in my balcony soaking in the beauty of the cerulean waters in front, hoping only that the weather would continue to make me surprised and smirking. (:


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