The present is the present

Living the present

Living the present

I have always read, heard, realised, felt and learnt that life is best lived when you are ‘present’ to it. The past is all gone, over and done with and the worrying about the future is just a waste of imagination. But why is it so tough to be fully in tune with the present? I always struggle to keep my mind, energies and thoughts in the present and to be honest, it is not a great feeling to realise what a waste you are making of the most precious thing – the day, the moment in your hand, which once gone is never going to come back.

Also I think as much important it is to ‘live’ in the present, it is also that much imperative to ‘observe’ all that you have in your present tense. If you observe, you learn, you enjoy and that much more you ‘live’.

With that I pick my camera up, and try to take a shot of the gorgeous evening from my balcony, bring my energies, all of it to the present with a promise to observe, to soak in the beauty of the day in hand, to embibe in the lessons I learn, to do justice to every single second that is to come from now, liberating it from the memoirs of the past or the worries of the future.


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