Home sweet home

Finally we have now booked our tickets to Indore, where I come from, where I belong to. It’s been 1.5 years since I last went back home. Life has changed drastically for me since then. I have moved continents, geographically I have come closer to home now.

A trip to Indore for me is always a reminder of a simpler time. Somewhere adding years to life, you also go on to add disappointments, complications, heartbreaks …. fading away that simplicity. May be that’s why home and hometown are so special, because they make you reconnect to your roots, they make you believe again in the beauty of simplicity, they make you not loose your faith in relationships as you get back in touch with those who have known you for most or whole of your lives and still have that unconditional love to offer (though you have not bothered to call them in months/years). Can’t wait to go back to home sweet home!


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