Creativity, purpose and me

I was amazed to see a very positive change in my friend M after her daughter was born. She started looking so much more at peace with herself, much more confident and sure about what she wants from life. When I asked her what’s the secret of this new very impressive avatar, she said -‘ I have now learnt to focus completely on ‘my’ life, on myself and creating happiness for my family.’ And those words have stayed in my mind ever since.

It is weird but I guess a big truth that one focusses on one’s own life much less than focussing on what’s happening in the lives of everyone else around. You end up being more connected to the world around, but so dis-connected to the person within you. But bringing your mind, heart and energies into creating something – a music piece, a poem, a painting, a dish or a photograph or happiness for your loved ones-it so beautifully get you off everything meaningless, everything futile, everything ‘not to worth it’.

Creativity is a boon in disguise and is certainly not a belonging only of geniuses and artists. Creativity belongs to each one of us who cares enough to create a life that one aspires. It’s all upto you – where you choose to focus and life would be beaming at you with a big smile, a new meaning and a beautiful purpose.

PS: This post is dedicated to my friend M and her lovely daughter, for making me know, learn and realise something really precious. Love you both!


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