To my friends from Indore, with love!

It is strange yet deep how the thresholds for friendship change with times, with growing up. But I find myself wondering more often what makes a friend a real friend? Is being taken for granted a sign of a strong bond or less respect? Is not being real in the back is not being loyal? Why are some people feel or seem like they should be your friends, but you never get yourself past the wall? Are expectations always wrong? Is protecting yourself from being hurt is better than being acceptant and getting hurt?

Ah … too many questions and I can only hope I can find answers one day. But there are places where friendship/relationships are far from complications, meanness, betrayals. Yes … relationships have a different meaning, respect and life in Indore. Emotions are deeper, I guess because they are more transparent. There is heart in every friendship. The friends I made in my childhood, in my school-days, are my biggest treasure because these are the friends who have proved to be friends for life despite the distances, the communication gaps, the different time-zones …. these are the friends I look back to when I start questioning friendship and they make me keep my faith intact, unbroken … stronger.

It can only happen in Indore, that the simplicity, the transparency of emotions is so natural, it doesn’t seem extraordinary. But it is.


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