‘The words’ – A recommended watch

All refreshed and rejuvenated, I am back today from my holiday in London and Paris.It is amazing what holidays can do to one’s spirit. Paris was long due on my ‘places to travel to before I die’ list. And looking back at those wonderful couple of days in Paris, I am feeling all creatively inspired. I shall be sharing more about Paris in detail in posts to come.

But for now I really want to recommend a movie that I watched while on the flight back home.

‘The words’ starring Bradley Cooper is the story of a struggling writer who steals the work of an old writer from Paris, publishes it in his name and becomes the most celebrated name in the writing world. The movie had some beautiful and strong scenes about the passion of a writer, how much he wants his voice to be heard, how much he wants his words to be celebrated and the pain when one’s creative work is stolen. It is almost like loosing a part of your own. Some of the dialogues were so intense, so deep and so meaningful, they really got me thinking.

My favourite dialogue was – ‘We all make choices in life but the hard part is to love with them’.

Also some parts of the movie were shot in Paris and left me with the Deja vu feeling as I was walking in the same streets a day before. There are brilliant performances by all the cast. I must say that with films like ‘Silver linings playbook’ and ‘the words’, I have become a huge fan of Bradley Cooper. He seems to have reinvented himself as an actor. He is very convincing as an aspiring writer and has pretty much lived the character.

Don’t want to give in anything more about the movie. That will make me a spoiler.

‘The words’ – I strongly recommend for everyone who appreciates meaningful cinema!


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