The dust or the sea?

A beautiful day in the neighbourhood with the fronds of the palm (at Palm Jumeira)extending out in complete glory basking in the cerulean blue of the sea. Such are the days when happiness is a default setting … such are the days when there is a choice between the chores and the sea … ofcourse it’s the sea who often is the winner as the soul usually knows what it needs, and as the waves touch my feet I feel the heaviness of ambitions, expectations and exhaustion lift a little off my mind in the wind blowing to the shore from far away lands.

The sea definitely knows the trick to pull you into a different world, a calmer one, a peaceful one. Lovely to have sand in my shoes again and a thrill in my heart like that of a child when waves play with me.

For this amazing feeling, if at all there is a choice between the boring chores or the sea, I shall head off to the blues and the waves without a doubt. The dust or the sea, the sea would always win for me!


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