Heartbroken, not ‘broken’ – Yeh jawani, hai dewani is a welcome change

I am not trying to be a movie-spoiler here and am definitely not a movie-critic. Neither am I interested in rating this movie nor in telling you if you should/should not watch it. But after watching Yeh Jawaani hai deewani, one of the most waited for movie of this year ( thanks to the (in)famous Ranbir-Deepika breakup), I was very pleasantly surprised by a couple of things shown in the movie and could not help sharing those here.

Cinema I believe is a reflection of the society, a little exaggerated though at times. And YJHD does a great job in depicting girls of today – strong-headed, confident and not emotional fools. The female protagonist (Deepika Padukone) doesn’t wait for her college-love ( Ranbir Kapoor, who doesn’t love her then) to come back, just like the Paro (Aishwarya Rai) of Devdaas, Anjali (Kajol) of Kuch kuch hota hai and Meera (Deepika Padukone)of Love Aaj Kal would do. Gone are those days when girls would wait with dreamy hope-struck eyes for the guys (mostly shown as hopeless characters in all the above movies I have quoted) to come back and acknowledge their love. And to see this change on the big screen is a big testimony of how the Indian girls of today have their own dreams to follow, have their own individuality and have their own life.


Also another welcome change was to see that when Kalki Koechlin gets engaged to a loser-looking character, not to get reunited (as expected) with her good looking crush (Aditya Roy Kapoor) who is a failure in real life, but she is shown mature enough to rate and regard, a ‘real relationship’ over a ‘one-sided crush’ and doesn’t end up being an emotional fool.

Girls today have strong personalities and cannot be showcased anymore as mere pretty looking sensitive objects. They can be ‘heart-broken’, but definitely not ‘broken’. I congratulate YJHD team for successfully depicting this breakthrough.

PS: Where I am happy with all the above changes, I feel happier with a constant – Madhuri Dixit … she was and she continues to be a diva! Grace personified – Madhuri Dixit … hands down is an ageless beauty!



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