Birthday love!

Birthdays are all about your family and friends celebrating you and making you feel special. And this time around, a few of my friends were very sweet to write birthday poems for me.

wafa and me

wafa and me

Wafa, is a very talented, fun-loving and beautiful friend of mine who I met 3 months ago in Dubai. Besides giving me a surprise with the midnight birthday celebration, she wrote these lovely lines for me. Thanks so much my dear friend for this … it means a lot to me!

It’s a wonder how a few handful of days,
Can create memories unforgettable, in so may ways!
Though knowing you doesn’t date back so long,
Somehow instantly we’ve knotted in an eternal bond!
A wonderful person, you truly are,
You enlighten o…ur lives, our ‘shining star’!
You inspire many, know you may not,
Loved are you, however, admired even lot!
Exploration of another year in life as you start,
Wish abundant triumphs and celebrations fill your cart!
May smile find a permanent place,
Resting forever on your beautiful face!
Hope success and happiness come all along your way,
My lovely, wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!!

rajiv nidhi and me

rajiv nidhi and me

Rajiv and Nidhi, a lovely couple and our very close friends were terribly missed by me because all my birthday celebrations in London have been with them. Whether it be organising birthday surprises for me or the farewell on us leaving London, they always take the charge of making us feel loved and special. Rajiv and Nidhi …. you are family! Here is a little shayari by Rajiv, who has got a tremendous sense of humour and what he calls it his 1st tooti-footi shayari attempt.Thank you so much for being part of my life … a very special one!

saal ke bad ye din phir aaya hai,

apane sang khushiyo ki bahar laya hai…

hakikat me to apase na mil payenge iss baar

lekin dua me hi apako wish karenge baar baar!!!


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