Make ‘life’ a reason, not ‘death’ a lesson

Just happened to look at this video on Facebook and could not stop wondering about a few things. Why it has to be the fear or the knock of death, to make us to want more to be with our loved one? Why can’t it be life and the beauty of it? Why is the idea of being alone more powerful than the idea or the joy of being together? Why the come-of-age eye-opening realisations come with someone close needing to die? Why the urgency of spending time together comes when the time seems to go off hands?

Time of our life is getting spent every minute … every second and may be we might not be lucky enough to get a notice to mend our mistake while waiting for death like the girl in the video did. There would never be enough time ever to fill every void … there would never be enough flowers in the world to make it better … never enough words to write the most beautiful poetry to express your love … but what we forget is there would never be a second chance to hold that hand again, to live a life again, to love again … life is now or never. We better make ‘life’ a reason to spend time together, rather than making ‘death’ a lesson.


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