The ‘smart’ children

At times, though you could have goals but you seem to be missing a direction towards them. In today’s day and age of Facebook chats, BBMs, Whats app and tweets, where it has become so easy to jump off-track with those smart devices, the real focus in life can easily get swayed especially for kids who are not even 15 and are on Facebook doing ‘social networking’, rather than being in a music class or on the playground.
Now are the kids today really so smart that they don’t need to experience their ‘childhood’ or somewhere we as parents or elders failing to give them the right direction?
Somehow today I treasure more than ever that mobile-free world in which I grew up as a child, when sitting on the dining table, me and my family would talk to each other rather than 4 people surfing the internet into their separate world while sitting across the same dining table, when my friend would call me up and share with me why she is upset rather than getting to know her mood swing through a smiley on her status update … when I could take the liberty of being a child and not knowing or possessing things rather than being under the peer-pressure of being on all the ‘cool’ sites and having an exotic ‘smart-phone’.
I may not have been ‘smart’, but I am happy that I was a ‘child’ in my childhood’.


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