Remembering ‘The Great British Summer’!

The (in)famous Dubai summer is now picking as temperatures rocket up to 51 degrees, somewhere benefitting the economy as people start spending more time shopping in the malls or at the movies as all outdoor activities take a backseat.

This is my first summer in the Sheikh-land and I can’t help but miss the incredibly short but extremely gorgeous (the great) British summer in London that I have loved whole-heartedly, obsessively and passionately.

The Blue summer sky in London

The Blue summer sky in London


The greens, the garden lunches, the geometry of leaf and petal, stamen and shadow, Wimbledon, strawberries, butterflies, bikers, kids sashaying over the lush-Green grass slopes, pubs flooded with people, Pimms, street-dancers, the sky flaunting amazing, amusing colours at dawn and at the sunset and a general happiness enveloping London as a default setting – I can never ever forget the magic of a sunny day in London.

The mesmerising colours of the summer skies

The mesmerising colours of the summer skies[/caption

The sun, when decides to shine gloriously over London, it creates a world more wondrous and ephemeral than dreams. I would spend hours and hours trying to capture the mystery of the river which seemed illuminated yet mysterious basking in the glory of the sun smiling over it.

[caption id="attachment_540" align="alignleft" width="640"]Picturing Thames right in front of my home in London Picturing Thames right in front of my home in London

It would always excite me while on my way to and fro work to take note of the empty tree branches of the winters gradually filling out, turning leafier, showcasing varied shades of Green from being a tiny shoot to growing to be a full-fledged leaf.

Capturing the Greens on y way back from work in London

Capturing the Greens on y way back from work in London

And then ofcourse a Londoner would know, how disappointing it feels when an unexpected and not so welcome rain would drizzle dropping those temperatures and taking away the precious sunshine. It’s depressing, it’s frustrating but the spirit of a Londoner lies in still being hopeful with a smile shining on the edge of consciousness as he anticipates the world of summer with its infinitely preferable possibilities, when irrespective of those unwelcome greys and drizzles, no matter for a short while … but there would be sunshine, there would be celebrations under the Blue skies and even in the busy time one would stop and smell the roses … moments that precisely make a British summer, ‘the great British summer’.


6 thoughts on “Remembering ‘The Great British Summer’!

  1. What a beautiful post! The photographs are stunning. I returned from a 2 week vacation in Europe, the end of May. I did an overnight stay in London. I loveed it, and the people! 🙂


    • Thank you Vera! 🙂 Europe is stunning in summer and London is the place to be when the sun is smiling at it. I am so happy to know you had a great vacation and a good experience with London. It is indeed a beautiful city with lovely people! Look forward to your posts on your Europe trip! 🙂


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