I answered, I won and I smiled! :)

I won!

I won!

Image courtesy – Alchemy Publishers

What makes you smile? … the question was to be answered as a contest entry for the new book called ‘It’s all about smiles’ by Dr. Ranjani Iyer published by Alchemy Publishers. I started scribbling down random things that make me smile right from my love for mangoes to general observations here and there which bring that smile on my face. Never did I know that it’s me who is going to win that competition. Yes … I won! 🙂

And here is my answer that got me the prize –

A 65 year old couple walking hand in hand, a 3 year old smiling ear to ear splashing those waves on his first introduction to the sea, my mother at 57 still wearing the sari that my father chooses for her,the smell of soil on the first showers in India, Mangoes during summer and also waiting for summer to come so that I can have mangoes, my husband saying no a thousand times to cleaning the house when I don’t feel like it but ultimately ending up doing it with a smirk on his face, people stuffing their mouths with the irresistible gol-gappas, my girlfriends going weak in their knees at the glimpse of ice-creams and forgetting all about their diets and calorie-charts – some little things that make me smile and believe that apart from the little bumps here and there, life is still good and is smiling at me! 🙂

I get an author-signed copy of this book which has got some great reviews. It’s a beautiful novel that would make you flash that warm smile across your face and make you look back at life with a face more lit-up and an attitude more ablaze with optimism.

It's all about smiles


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