A timeless journey through the Grand Mosque@AUH

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

There are places you visit and the no matter how beautiful they are, the memories, the images in the mind fade away with time and there are places, that not only leave behind unforgettable memories and images, but also leave behind an unexplainable feeling unique to the experience it gave you. The Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque in Abu Dhabi is one such place which left me all stunned by its mesmerising beauty.

I happened to visit this piece of art (not just architecture) in April this year. It was an unusual grey day in Abu Dhabi, as the clouds gather up as pink fluffy cotton balls, ready to drizzle. Standing under the ceiling of that unreal looking sky, was the Grand Mosque – elegant, magnificent and oh so timeless!

Yes … there is a timelessness to it. It looked like a cinematographic dream to me. In those light showers and under that enigmatic natural setting, it treated me with an immensely dramatic view of it, which I think would stay in my heart forever.

I did the one hour tour of the entire Mosque with a tour guide, who explains in details and in numbers, all the information behind creating this amazing place which according to Gulf news last month, has now found its place in the top 25 tourist attractions of the world.

As the outdoors becomes darker, less distracting, indoor scenes take their place as surrealistic elements in the passing landscape. The pillars, the carpets, the exquisite chandeliers – still life’s without context, they speak a different language, they tell a story in silence. More surreal than sad in the brilliance of the setting sun, a place where I just wanted to loose myself for sometime, only to find myself again – more at calm, more in peace and totally in awe of this stunning work of wonder, which you cannot afford to miss, if you lay your foot on this part of the world.

Here are some more pictures:


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