Dubai – Nirvana for the sea-lover in me!

I am soon going to be 5 months old in Dubai – how time flies! But what I like the most about this place is that it offers to me an easy access to the sea, the beach and all the fun which comes with it.

While in London, a beach holiday would be a lot of planning of holidays, weather checks (which would ditch a lot of times), rain apprehensions (at the back of mind 24×7 of a Londoner) etc etc. But now, the sea-lover in me finds it’s way to the beach in a few minutes, celebrating my nearness to the sea with a yeehaw everytime I get to play with the waves, feel the sand in my toes and the sun blinding my eyes.

Stress, tensions, worries … all fade away as the waves touch me making me believe a little more in my dreams, helping me to try harder and inspiring me to explore a bit more of the beautiful world of words, which somehow I always fall short of when Ii wish to express how besotted I feel by Nature’s marvel, everytime I am in the middle of waves splashing at me from eternity and going back into an unknown world, hiding beautiful mysterious secrets beneath.

Thank you Dubai for the sea, the summer making it so easy for me now to remember to stop and enjoy the zen of the moment, to live it completely, to appreciate– amidst all the turmoil– simply being here now.

The board

puppy at the beach

the waves


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