The meal with a stunning view@West 14th

The view

The view

west 14th entrance

West 14th images

Potato gnocchetti

Potato gnocchetti

Alaska wild salmon

Alaska wild salmon

Last week, me and hubby A, while on our walk around the Palm islands, delighted in the discovery of a lovely restaurant blooming on the point, marvelling at the beautiful mix of the sand, the sea, and the sky. West 14th – A steakhouse in the building ‘Oceana’ in Palm Jumeirah totally captivated me at its first glance of the open bar overlooking the Dubai Marina, the sea and the swimming pool on the side – making it the most perfect ambience for spending a leisuresome Saturday evening. Totally regretted not carrying my SLR camera to capture the stunning views and had to rely on my phone camera which obviously could not do justice to how gorgeous the views were from this place.

On entering the restaurant, we were received by a smiling and courteous waitress. Looking at the awesome view from the open bar, we chose to sit outside only and fortunately for us that day, the heat was bearable enough to take that liberty. . Since we were not too hungry, we decided to skip the starters and go directly for the main course. The menu has fewer options for vegetarians. I decided to go for a vegetarian potato gnocchetti and A, being a salmon-freak chose to order Alaska Wild Salmon.

The surroundings, the whole feel of the place was quite relaxing and pleasant which we made the most of as we waited for our food and the wait (though only 15 minutes) was totally worth it.

My Potato Gnocchetti had mushrooms, pumpkin, parsley-hazelnut pesto and pecorino cheese. What impressed me was they had not gone overboard with the cheese and so it was not too heavy to eat, rather quite flavoursome not allowing too much cheese to take away from the flavours. A’s Alaska Wild Salmon with cherry tomato relish too was thoroughly enjoyed by him, he being a Salmon-lover (made nicely).

And finally when we were done with our dinner, we started to spoil us that day by going for a dessert. To be honest, we were actually loving spending time in that relaxed setting and so the choice of going for a dessert came unquestioned. Though the Raspberry and strawberry sundae we ordered was not great, but was good enough with Mövenpick raspberry-strawberry ice cream, fresh raspberries and strawberries, raspberry sauce and whipped cream.

The bill for two of us minus starters was :

Potato Gnocchetti AED 80

Alaska Wild Salmon AED 165

Raspberry and strawberry sundae AED 45

Fresh fruit juices AED 30


So the place is definitely not cheap but not too expensive for what it delivers and what you get. I would also like to mention the very well-mannered waitress Yayi, who was serving us and actually played a big part in making us feel so welcome and absolutely well taken care off.

All in all, I think West 14th is a great place to unwind and treat yourself with visuals of silhouettes of the Dubai skyline against the backdrop of water and sky, enjoy some great food and celebrate an evening in the lure of sparkling water, laughters and togetherness. My rating is a 4 stars on 5.

Here is the direct link to West 14th:

My ratings

My ratings


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