When I came to Dubai, I would wonder if there would be any flowers around, it being in a desert and deprived of the rains. I was somehow preparing myself to miss the beautiful flowers in London, which are a delight for my camera lenses and I would spend hours capturing them in my photos … something I was pretty sure to miss here in Dubai.
But to my surprise, Dubai too has some lovely flowers, ofcourse not as many as London, but still quite a few there to add colour to this beautiful city.
Especially these flowers (in the pictures)are popping open all over town– white , shades of pink and orange.
I so admire the courage of these delicate flowers that wear their hearts on their sleeves to take courage to bloom, despite the harsh heat of Dubai, , hopeful to live on in their colourful grandeur, optimistic to make the city look great and give someone like me a reason to step out of my home, click these beauties and a delight to my camera to capture life in its most gorgeous form.


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