That extra one inch

Hello everyone! Please have a look at my new blog which is all about bringing out that little girl, that teenager, that young lady and the real woman inside us, discuss and share everything from the love for pink or florals to those grandmother recipes, to politics in office to creative ideas to make a pretty looking home, fashion, style, accessories to gift ideas for that special someone, the remedies for the skin blemishes to the shopping wish-list, the fear of aging to ways to delay it, the love for chocolates and the hardship in keeping them at bay.

In simple words, a space to share the smiles, the anger, the worries, the charm, the frustration, the questions, the rewards, the beauty and the pride which comes from being a woman. It’s a space to share the optimism, the strength, the emotion, the will-power, the selfless love that comes with being a woman. It is a platform to get to know the leading lady inside each one of us as it just takes that extra one inch of determination, that extra one inch of sacrifice and just that extra one inch of self-love to discover what you can be. There is, after all, waiting to be discovered, a ‘diva’ hidden inside every woman.


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