Being ‘Divalicious’!

That Extra One Inch

Hidden inside every woman is the little girl who loves everything in Pink, who would steal her mum’s make-up and spend hours in front of the mirror trying hand at that lipstick or mascara for the very first time, who would have this stubborn demand of putting on nail-paint before going to that birthday-party ….
Hidden inside every woman is that teenager who would get frustrated when not being able to make that perfect choice of a dress for that special evening out, who wishes to make her room look the trendiest, who is always flipping the glossy magazines admiring the bodies and the dresses of the thin female models, who is always searching for that magical cream to get her rid of those pimples ….

Hidden inside every woman is a young lady, wishing to find the best version of herself, sharing apprehensions of after-marriage life with a friend or a heart break with…

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