The silence before Eid

What I found most amazing about Dubai is the fact that this city never sleeps. Be it any hour of the day, Dubai is hustling and bustling with many a cars still zooming on the roads at the wee hours and people still shopping in the malls past midnight hours. Don’t believe me? I can totally understand because after coming from London,where everything would shut down at 5:30 PM, it was a bit shocking for me to see Dubai all alive even past midnight hours.

Equally shocking, though somehow, for me, was to see this city go completely quite in the afternoons of Ramadan. Because people fast between 4 AM to 7 PM, during this period, the city goes silent with hardly anyone in the malls, restaurants, roads, which are ordinarily buzzing.

And so during my visit to the Mall of Emirates last week, I could not stop myself from clicking these empty cafes, restaurants, which is a rare sight and would last only until tomorrow, when there would be the end of Ramadan, the feast on the breaking of the fast followed by the grand celebrations of Eid. The quiet afternoons in Dubai during afternoon are soon going to end with the celebrations of Eid tomorrow. Soon there would be people sitting around these chairs giggling, smiling, celebrating and making this city go back to its famous ‘the city that never sleeps’ tag


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