Cruising the clouds

Morning my lovely friends from the blogosphere! 🙂

Yours truly is in a happy mood today with the love for writing growing leaps and bounds every day and somehow a feeling of a more beautiful connection with my own self. Does that happen to you too with writing?

And with all that lovey-dovey-happy me, I was flicking over some old pictures I had clicked, only to find these ones, that made me feel like being on cloud 9 (quite literally).

No … no … not my wedding pictures but the pictures of the clouds I took while on my way to Paris a few months back. And you cannot deny, that there is magic in the clouds.

Look at these fluffy cotton balls that I wish I could touch, play with, lie on and kick only for them to fall upon some corner of the world as showers. That would have been fun, Eh? 🙂

Enjoy my cruise through the clouds here and I would love to know if you liked it!

Have a wonderful day!



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