The stunning views from the Vu Bar

Morning lovely people!

How is it going?

Mine is just busy packing suitcases for a short holiday, I am not gonna tell you where (*winks*), until I come back with lots of pictures and stories about that wonderful place.

But I am going to share with you all, about this awesome place I went to and which actually makes you feel like being on a vacation, treating you with some of the most stunning views of Dubai, the Sheikh-land.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this picture – yes, this is yours truly, drinking in the beauty of the glittering Dubai spread before my eyes like a shiny carpet from the Vu Bar at 51st floor the Emirates Towers.

Now, sipping in this stunning view, with every sip of my cosmopolitan made me feel like no less than the queen of Dubai. Ahem … well … I also need to give some credit to my cosmopolitan for feeling that now. (*winks*)

So, while I am still lost in the wonderful memories of the surreal views from the Vu bar, I wish you a lovely weekend to come and a very happy blogging!

I shall catch up on all your posts when I am back next week.

Until then, miss me on the blogosphere!


Vu Bar @Emirates Towers

Vu Bar @Emirates Towers


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