Happy Raksha-bandhan! :)

Happy Raksha-bandhan!

Happy Raksha-bandhan!

A very good morning to all you lovely people! 🙂

How are you all doing?

Yes … am still alive and more so than ever before after a gorgeous holiday in the stunning Istanbul, Turkey. Absolutely delighted to be back to few more likes on Facebook, lots of comments on the blog and many new followers from the wordpress family. Thank you all for the love and support. It is precious.

I am feeling so refreshed, rejuvenated and oh so happy. What a good holiday can do for the soul! *smiles* (a big one).

And with that spirited soul, I am soon going to take you all through a virtual vacation of the awesome city of Istanbul and I am telling you, I am so gonna make you book those tickets to this mind-blowingly amazing part of the world. *winks*

But we shall talk about Istanbul from tomorrow because today, we are going to talk about ‘Raksha-bandhan’ or ‘Rakhi’, a big Indian festival which is being celebrated today.

Rakhi is a celebration of the beautiful bond of a brother and a sister. In Hinduism, the brother is meant to be the protective shield of the sister and when the sister ties rakhi ( a colourful bracelet kind of a thing) on the brother’s wrist, the brother promises her to protect her from everything bad or evil and take care of her through thick and thin.

Now isn’t that really cute?

I have a younger brother, who lives in India and let me tell you, we were enemies when we were in our teens. I would hate him. I would hit him. I would want to kill him at times … and the feelings were mutual but when someone else would want to do all of that to either of us, both of us would want to kill that person.

And then there were times, when I felt disappointed with some failures, when I felt let down by friends, when my school-crush made another girl-friend, when I did not feel like smiling … my little brother would do anything to make me stand again, fight harder, be stronger …. and making sure I am smiling. (oh … tear-tap, stop!)

It has been 6 years that we have not been together on the rakhi day, with me being in London and now in Dubai, there have been distances, there are time-zones and there is endless work, but the bond between me and him has only grown stronger.

Although we now pursue separate lives in different countries thousands of miles apart, we are so beautifully connected by the long-ago kingdom of childhood that we once inhabited together, by those terrible fights that make memories to smirk away, by those low times that made us each other’s strength.

And today, once again, we celebrate our lovely relationship with those tiny colourful beads in a string, somewhere binding me and him into a knot, which is getting more meaning as years are adding to our age.

Do you share the same kind of relationship with your siblings?

I am waiting to hear ….


4 thoughts on “Happy Raksha-bandhan! :)

  1. Feeling nostalgic after reading this lovely post.
    I like to tell you that you are one of the four most important person i have in my life, you possess the space which is always yours and no one else can fill it. You are my strength and my motivation. i love you and miss you every day. i wish you get all the happiness you deserve and you shine where ever you are and what ever you do.



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