Are we free, really?

Sharing with you all my poem in Hindi, which I wrote on 15th August celebrated as ‘the Independence Day’ in India, questioning the freedom for women in the country, with the number of gang-rapes shocking the nation. I ask, are we (the women) free, really?

Mushkil mein hoon

jashn kaise mana lu azaadi ka

Jab azaadi meri gum hai kahin

us ‘azaad’ vatan mein

jahan masoom bachpan

chin raha hai har pal kisi ka

jahan nirdosh daman

loot raha har din kisi ka

kya azaad hai asmat meri?

kya azaad hai bharosa mera?

Na Umeed meri azaad rahi

Na hi azaad insaaf yahan

Toh kaise mana lu phir main yeh

jashn ‘azaadi’ ka!!!

***Chandni Lahoti***

Image from unknown source


6 thoughts on “Are we free, really?

    • Hi Tammy! Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and making an effort to understanding my Hindi poem. I truly appreciate it. I wrote this poem on India’s independence day, pledging not to celebrate it being extremely upset with some rape cases that have happened in there. In this poem, I am trying to say how can Indian women celebrate freedom when they are not free to trust anyone, when they don’t feel safe.
      My country, my India is a beautiful country but what has been happening recently there with the number of rape-cases, has been very upsetting for me.
      Thanks yet again for being so sweet. Love!


  1. Bahut Koob kaha Chandni
    It’s ironical that it hits us more who are sitting so afar from the birth country. The patriotism is stuck and never dies here in these hearts..our hearts…
    Kya hua un dilon ko
    Kya itne khanjar lage ki
    Hum-watan Rona Bohol gaye
    Mehsoos toh chhodo
    Palat kar dekhna Bhool Gaye.

    Jashn Azadi ka manana hai agar
    Toh pehle Jagna seekho
    Sans lene se pehle
    Hawa ko saaf Karan seekho

    It’s shocking how india is making its run in international news world.


    • Wow Sonal … Hindi mein comment padhkar dil khush ho gaya! Aur kya khoob kaha hai aapne bhi!

      It is so true that we sitting far away from our country get affected by all this so much more! It is upsetting and disturbing to see what has been happening!


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