Books, coffee and girlfriends@Bookmunch

After hours of spending time at the laptop every single day working hard on our write-ups/stories/websites/blogs, both me and P (my editor, my boss at the Indian Trumpet and a very dear friend now) decided to go out and get some fresh air. Both of us have a thing for cute, colourful places and this awesome place we discovered also had an interesting collection of books – something both of us *lurve*.

Bookmunch – a cosy little book café where you can sit with a hot cuppa coffee and your favourite book, loosing yourself in the lovely ambience of this place, where there is a lot for your little ones too, who you can tag along to read stories to from some really adorable stock of kids’ books.

Me and P, were also accompanied by P’s elder sister and her sweet little daughter, who was enjoying her time amidst all the cute books.

For me, it was a perfect break and I walked out of the café all refreshed, got acquainted with some good books and had a lovely time with the girlies.

Here is a sneak peek into ‘Bookmunch’ –

Is this the kinda place, you would want to for that relaxed few hours with your girlfriends or little ones? Do drop in a line if you would.

Here is the direct link to ‘Bookmunch’ –


11 thoughts on “Books, coffee and girlfriends@Bookmunch

    • Hi Anuja! It is in Dubai. You just very aptly summed it up – A Reader’s Paradise! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment!


  1. I especially liked their sign! Wish I could incorporate one at our spa where our clients would not be offended! This was done sooo cute-ly (is that a word? lol) Yesterday a client who’d just finished a facial and massage and mineral soak… called from the door of our building to her husband about 3 times until he heard her and then proceeded to have a conversation from the doorstep to the parking lot! Geeeesh would she not have been disturbed during her zen – like experience if she’d had to listen to the same?? I think that I will write about this one! All inspired by your sign! Love it! Thanks for sharing the cute little shop! Makes me miss mine!


  2. Hi Coastalmom! 🙂 Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog, the likes and this lovely comment! Am so glad you liked this post and yes …. it’s definitely going to be a good blog to read when you write about the experience with your client. I shall look forward to that post and to reading more of your great blog. Stay connected! 🙂


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