The Istanbul Series-Part II@The Grand Bazaar

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Presenting Part II of the Grand Bazaar for you now. Look at the colourful spices and natural teas. Rose tea, pomegranate tea, strawberry tea, love tea ….. Ohhh Emmmm Geee! They are all so tempting and just look at the dazzling colours of the spices.

Infact they have a separate bazaar called the Spice Bazaar but I did not feel any difference between Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar. Both of them have got the same kind of stuff except that Grand Bazaar is bigger.

I will take you on the virtual journey of the Spice Bazaar too and you can see it yourself.

Also, the silver jewellery there and the pashminas were making me oooooh and aahhhhh.

More coming up tomorrow with all the useful details to help you to make most out of the Grand Bazaar, whenever you plan your visit to Istanbul

For now, enjoy these pictures and do drop in a line if you like them.


teas 2

teas 1


the teas




10 thoughts on “The Istanbul Series-Part II@The Grand Bazaar

  1. Hi Chandni !, i watched these foods and remembered that I am in some Pakistani Bazar, there are so many foods are similar between Pakistan and India, and they reached to Istanbul, !! nice to see.


    • Mushtaq … I always enjoy having your comments on my page because they always have an information, something new to learn. Thanks a ton for them and I am going to include these pointers in my next post, linking them to your fabulous blog 🙂


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