The Istanbul Series @Buyukada – An island of a dream

An island of a dream!

White Villas obscured by Pink Bougainvillea, making the most stunning frames with the blue skies above, giving the whole scene a blast of sunshine and a blanket of happiness.

Really sounds like a dream … isn’t it?

So, let me take you to Buyukada, the biggest and the most popular island amongst the nine islands in the Sea of Marmara, together known as ‘the Prince’s islands’ in Turkey.

The most favourite weekend getaway for Istanbulites from their busy city life, Buyukada is gorgeous and immensely scenic.

The peace, the virgin feel of the place takes you to a world, where summer is forever and smiles are a norm. It is said that the best thing about it is ‘the sound of silence’ as all motor vehicles are banned here – YES …. heaven isn’t it?

And so, the only sounds soothing your ears is the tingle of bicycle bells and horse hoofs.

Me and my husband think that our best day during this trip was the day spent at Buyukada and the best parts were the walk in the islands through the narrow streets with wooden Victorian cottages, pine and lemon trees, the lovely locals smiling back at us, the kids greeting us with the most welcoming eyes, the cute little market where I will take you to in a separate post and last but not the least, the splendid sunset that we witnessed at the top deck of the ferry while on our way back.

I am so glad we kept a full day for this magnificent time at Buyukada. It was total worth it.

To get to Buyukada, you can take a ferry or a sea-bus from Kabastas ( falls on the tram line). It takes an hour to reach there and the tickets are 8 TL per person.

Leaving you with a glimpse of the beautiful Buyukada – the pictures have been clicked by an awesome photographer, my husband 🙂

Have a lovely day!


Beautiful house with a Red Window - Dream!

Beautiful house with a Red Window – Dream!



The cottage

The cottage

Another lovely villa

Another lovely villa

the chakris

The horses in love

The horses in love

the tongas

the board

The sea-bus

The sea-bus

brown window


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