And I dream on …

Learning, exploring, competing in unknown spheres, noval avenues – Doubts swim in my mind, questions pop up in the head and there are phases when sleep feels like the toughest task to do.
But in the few moments I gather myself to close my eyes, dreams tap me again – urging to be hugged, pampered and pursued – no matter how rocky the road looks.
Ah … the dreams – surreal, yet believable – they make waking up so hard and dreadful for to wake up means to go back to the world full of confusions and clashes between the heart and the mind.
But I choose to go with my heart, stick to the path I am making for myself with every step – And with that, I leave all confusions behind and go give my dreams a big hug …. promising them to be nurtured and taken care of, come what may.
And with that promise, the air now feels different, the birdsongs are louder and I smile as I find myself wrapped tightly in a dream that completely insulates me from worry’s touch.
Happy dreaming everyone!

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