A DIY ‘Dream-potpourri’



When it comes to home, I like it full of fragrance, things that make me smile, elements that inspire me, colours that give it character and all of that which is a statement of ‘me and hubby A’ as individuals who inhabit a happy abode.

So, when we are now creating a happy home for us in the Sheikh-land now, I am absolutely at the mission of making it a space reflecting all of the lovely elements I just talked about and merging my mission with my new-found love for DIY projects has made it all the more special.
All DIY-junkies – I am sure you can totally understand my feelings here! *Smiles*
Sharing with you all an easy-peasy DIY project which I am very proud to say, is not inspired from anywhere but is a creation entirely by yours truly.
So, when I went to Ikea, I found this bunch of  wooden sticks with some amazing fragrance. I was so sure am buying it but was not sure how and where exactly I am going to use it.
With lots of permutations and combinations going on in my mind to fit these in somewhere, I just found this glass bowl lying in my Kitchen cupboard – I have not used it ever. The moment I looked at it, I smiled because now I had found a home for the fragrant sticks.
But just putting them in the bowl, would not have made it any special. Isn’t?
And so, I thought a little more. While on my walk through the nearby park, I picked a broken tree stem and took out a stone from my collection of stones, I have a habit of picking up when I am on the beach. There is a big collection now of amazingly shaped stones with me, waiting to be used in some interesting DIY projects.
Anyways, coming back to the task on hand, I painted ‘DREAM’ on the stone using water colours.
I tied the stone using a thin rope across the bowl and also tugged the little stem piece on the side. I tied another thin wooden thread kind of a thingy (which came with the Ikea wooden pack) around the bowl. It gave it a vintage feel. And then put the fragrant sticks inside.
The vintage looking ‘DREAM-POTPOURRI’ was ready and it can be used as a centre-piece on your coffee table or on the top of your desk, on your books – reminding you of being tied to, holding on to your dream leading to a future full of fragrance. Likey? πŸ™‚
Do drop in a line if you like this one. I love to hear from you guys.
Until then, ***HAPPY DREAMING***!!!

dream pourri

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17 thoughts on “A DIY ‘Dream-potpourri’

  1. It looks beautiful Chandani…. symbolic maybe, that even if the dreams are tied with stones, that normally tend to sink in water, with the right potpourri (motivation), you can make it float in air!! Wonder… if that makes sense,,., but it looks very artistic.


    • Wow Ashwini! You have given a whole new meaning to it and what a beautiful one. This is definitely one of the best ever comments I have ever received on any post. Thanks a ton! πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Chandni
    Visiting you here for the first time… though I have read your pieces in The Indian Trumpet and being a trumpet blower myself I am sure I can call you my friend πŸ™‚
    So, dear friend my visit to your blog has been absolutely delightful !! This post is beautiful and inspiring too … and clearly reflects the sweetheart you must be πŸ™‚
    A few months back I too did something similar …want to have a look ???



    • Hi Ritu! πŸ™‚ So good to hear from you. Had been looking for an opportunity to be able to you how much I have been loving your incredibly creative posts.
      Thanks a ton for such an encouraging feedback. Can’t wait to have a peek into your blog. Hoping to meet you sometime soon. Love πŸ™‚


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