Do’s and Don’ts for a stress-free me

Settling into a new country, setting up a home again, trying to do something in writing – a field so new to me when it comes to trying to make a career out of it – all of this did take a toll on me last week. All stressed out, I was just feeling more exhausted and when I looked at the mirror, I felt all the more sad as all that stress was coming out on my skin which seemed and felt unhappy.

Well … the point is that stress, worries, tensions are not only bothersome to the mind but also to your skin. I actually took a selfie on a stressful day and compared that to one on a happy day – there was a HUGE difference in my appearance in the 2 pictures. Go on, do this with your pictures and you would HATE stress all the more.

But, I was keen to help myself out of all this stress and so sat with my diary jotting down a few Do’s and Don’ts, that have now become the mantras of my life …. rather my ‘stress-free life’.

Wanna know what they are? Have a look –

1. Say ‘Yes’ to things you like, ‘no’ to the things you don’t.

2. Have a ‘to-do-list’ in the morning with time-commitments written so you don’t over-commit yourself. Trust me it’s a saver.

3. Learn to delegate. There are things others (read husband, siblings, sis-in-law) can also do.

4.If you are feeling really low, watch a weepy movie and have a good cry. Crying is a way of flooding our bodies with oxygen, which in turn releases feel good transmitters for the brain.

5. Sit straight. Have a good posture. It prevents tension building in the body.

6. Have that Brownie and stop sulking. Sometimes it’s OK to not count calories.

7. Turn off your mobile for sometime. Be unavailable with the world and be available to yourself. Have some silent moments only with yourself.

8. I know gym would be the last thing on your mind at this time, but sometimes what you got to do, you got to do. So get on that treadmill and burn some calories while feeling a lot better.

9. If you are a mom, then learn a bit from wild animals and stop doing anything for your kids that they can actually do for themselves. You are meant to be teaching them, not serving them.

10. Last but not the least – look into the mirror and say to yourself – ‘I am strong. I can get over this’. I promise you are your biggest strength.

So get it all out to feel better and beautiful, say chao to stress and look as fresh as a daisy. After all life is too short to be stressed or to look ugly.




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