Happy to be back! :)

Hello my lovely friends from the Blogland!

I have been away from this space for last few days. Thanks to a gym accident and a painful leg injury. I can’t wait to peek into your blogs and see what’s going on. Trust me – this blogging thing is becoming an addiction and interacting with you all here – a habit so much so that I miss it every time I am away when life’s other priorities/happenings take over and this little blog has to take a backseat. So, stay tuned – I shall be knocking at your blog-doors soon! *Smiles*

Meanwhile – here is some news from the Sheikh-land.

The Sheikhland is becoming more pleasant by the day as September is soon going to bid adieu and temperatures have started to drop and the heat turns to tolerable levels. I am sitting in my balcony, overlooking the marina,enjoying some ‘me-time’, with my cuppa reflecting and trying to organise my life, which is very happily revolving around a few interesting writing projects. Yay!

Talking of projects, I have perpetually been on one – my new house in Dubai. Me and my husband A, are ardent admirers of the vintage look with the mystery of browns with the dash of colour just in the correct shade and at the right place. And with bottling down that as the dream look of our house, comes a lot of brain-storming, budgeting, thinking, over-thinking and yes … we discuss. We fight. We argue. But we also make some great choices together. Choices that are finally making this house our own.

On that note happy arguing with that special someone! Some arguments do make a memory to look back and smile! 🙂




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