New Arabic lamps in the house

With my painful and injured leg, I am hating to be all home-ridden but what is keeping me cheerful are these very ethnic-Arabic lamps.

Yes people – there are new colourful lamps in the house for my breakfast bar. Lights to brighten up my home at nights and colours to brighten up the moods!

Just check out the brilliant colours of the glass crystals and the little flowers in there. Pretty -isn’t it?

I have an open plan kitchen with the breakfast bar for which we were keen on finding lamps that could give a colourful contrast to the browns in the lounge plus we love the retro red-green light effect.

After a lot of search in possibly every mall, we discovered these beauties in Dragon Mart for AED 50 each – which was a good bargain for this kinda awesomeness.

Well – project breakfast-bar is in progress as I want to put together a few more elements in there before I present to you how it all looks put together.

Meanwhile enjoy these pictures and do let me know if you like them too or have any other brilliant ideas for vintage home-dΓ©cor. I would love to hear.

A little home@the Sheikh-land is in the making – by the marina, in the ‘vintage’ moods inviting lots of sunshine and happiness!

Stay connected!


green lights


16 thoughts on “New Arabic lamps in the house

  1. Oh my..This is gorgeous Chandni :).
    I am thinking of redo ing my kitchen island lamps too.. The knew I have are quite boring. I am looking for some more colorful and retro types..but more cylindrical…. Loved your lamps πŸ™‚


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