My Blog gets a Pink-Makeover!

Ello Ello lovely people!

Howzaa? Wassup and all?

Yours truly is in a fab mood today. Can you guess why? *smiles*

Well … have a look around here – my space in the Blog-Land, which is now a smiling, happy, cosy, Pink corner in the Blogosphere and let me tell y’all, it is result of some hard work since past couple of days but it is all worth it.

What say you?

It is that time in my life when I am aspiring and working to bring in a whole lot of positive energy in myself, in my home, in my life and in everything I do. And as you know, this blog remains an imperative part of my everyday life. It was high time, I showed it some love.

So, I have tried to depict more of how I am, what I believe in, what I like through my sidebar on the right – More of Pink, a colour which makes me smile – And a vintage feel, which I LURVE and am trying to create in my little home@Sheikh-land.

So do you like my ‘Blog-makeover’?

P.S. Don’t forget to notice my new signature. *winks*

my signature



21 thoughts on “My Blog gets a Pink-Makeover!

  1. Lovely Pinkish.. πŸ˜€
    Now this remind me of my first interview I mean GD and the topic was– “Blue is for Boys and Pink is for Girls”

    And Your signature is also pretty… πŸ™‚


  2. Very very pretty! The little birdie chirping on the header is so adorable! The new look is cute & neat. Is so welcoming with the flowers blooming that I’d love to wake up with one each morning. Wishing you a lot of pinkness!


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