A Pinkalicious Flowery Friday!


As I invite some Pinkness in this space, some Pink roses too found their way to me, inspiring me with their perfection and refreshing me with their delightful perfumes, adding to my home-décor – As I click them, I remember the words of Henri Matisse- ” There are always flowers for those who would see them’.


And with that, I remind myself of all the beautiful things in my life I have been blessed with … keeping the hardships aside, only focussing and celebrating the goodness around … and without me knowing, I find myself smiling.

Life has never been, can never be all smooth and all rosy but the rough patches can be easier to sail through when we focus on the positives, the flowers down the course, rather than thinking and cursing the thorns we would find along the path.

roses 1

I know, I know – I am going all philosophical today. But it’s these pretty Pink beauties to be blamed for it. They have brighten up my day and lifted up my spirits. Hope they add some Pinkness to your day too.

Here is to a Fabulous Flowery Friday! Cheers!


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