Hello peeps!

As you know yours truly is busy making a vintagilicious home@Sheikh-land, and is constantly exploring inspirations across the internet, here are some goodies that I would love to share with all of you.

Vignette – a new term that I have learnt with all my research around vintage home-décor. It means grouping/arranging objects in an artistic way, giving a designer zest to the whole ambience. It can be created on a book-shelf, a dresser, a table with vases, candles, books and whatever you can put together tastefully to bring out the character of your home.

Lovely, naah?

The inspiration pictures on the internet are stunning and I cannot wait to follow some of those in my little home.

Feathers, old paper balls, a candle narrating the story of the night it lit up, some torn books … Ahhh the vintage charm! Love this vignette!

0115b15fe623ce0f34240f8549fa8130 (2)


This is visual bliss for a book-lover like me!



Old suitcases??? Get me some more!


Vintage clocks showing the different time-zones – totally apt for someone like me whose husband is constanty travelling across the globe!


So, do you have any vignettes in your abode? I would love to hear and have a look. *smiles*

Happy home-making!!!

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