Cinderella Shoes ~ Bringing out the Cinderella within you

Cinderella’s story is a proof that a pair of shoes can change your life and so all you lovely ladies out there, I am sure you just can’t afford to disagree with the fact that a RIGHT pair of shoes is as important as your outfit or make-up or attitude. And ‘RIGHT IS PRETTY’ … isn’t it?

So, hold your breath … let me have the honours of introducing to you in this space shoes that are stunning as magic, divine as heaven and a style-statement for you to be the centre of attraction when you flaunt babies like this. AND HOW ABOUT TWO GIVEAWAYS COMING FROM THE AWESOMENESS YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE??? πŸ™‚

And what more appropriate a name for such beauties than ‘Cinderella Shoes’!!! Ahh … you say the name, and you can so visualise a princess walking in a gorgeous pair of shoes, shoes that could change her destiny, shoes that could make her look class apart in a crowd and this range from ‘Cinderella Shoes’ does full justice to it’s name. Don’t believe me???

Have a look here –



Aren’t these just awesomalicious?

Look at the details – the pearls, the sequins, the butterfly – so feminine, so DIVALICIOUS!!

Cinderella Shoes is a range of designer footwear by a lovely couple from Mumbai – Yusuf and Heena, who were at the Sheikh-land for showcasing the range at ‘Vibrance’ – a great exhibition that took place at Al Murooj Rotana.

The detailing, the design of this very pretty footwear is extremely impressive and can make any woman go weak in the knees. The icing on the cake is it is very affordable with the range starting from AED 120 .

The interesting thing about these shoes is not just how great-looking these are but the inspiration, the thought behind these. As Yusuf puts it -” My inspiration was beautiful jewellery looking at which I thought how about creating jewellery for the feet – shoes as exquisite as jewellery.”

Isn’t the inspiration behind these as beautiful as the shoes themselves?




As Marilyn Monroe had very rightly said – Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world’ – so don’t ya wait, go and grab these stunners and conquer the world.

I can’t wait to have a plentiful of these in my wardrobe.

If you want to stay all updated with the ever-wonderful designs by Cinderella Shoes – here is the link to their Facebook page. Shower some ‘Like-Love’ on them, while their pretty shoes make you smile and shine like a princess. πŸ™‚

And to make your smile, a lot BIGGER, there is a PRETTY GIVEAWAY coming your way from Cinderella Shoes – YES TWO OF THESE BEAUTIES COULD BE YOURS.

Yes … I can so see you SMILE! πŸ™‚


Stay tuned! Stay connected!!

And get geared to bring out the Cinderella hidden inside you! ***Smiles***

Enjoy a glimpse of the AWESOME RANGE here ~

For those sunny brunches –


For a day-out with girl-friends, when you just want to paint it Pinkalicious and fly like a butterfly –


When you feel like elegant pearls ~


Or you just want to sparkle and glitter ~


And the lovely couple behind all the magic that you just witnessed, Yusuf and Heena ~


As much as I loved clicking these beauties, I just cannot stop glancing at them again and again. Cinderella on my mind. πŸ™‚


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