Colour Crush ~ Mint

Sheikh-land is loving the mint colour this season. And I am falling more and more in love with this beautiful colour – it is so soothing to the eye, has a cool tone and a refreshing mood.

It is great for wearing to the popular brunches in the Sheikh-land. Be it a mint dress, pumps, bag, nail-paint or a mint tablescape – this is the ‘it’ colour making waves in DXB.

Here are some of my favourite inspirations in mint –

Footwear in mint – Ahh the pastel-love meet shoe-mania!


A flowing chiffon mint dress – just perfect for those brunches –


Isn’t this mint cold-drink a visual delight, leave alone drinking it –


This table-scape has such a posh feel about it – the wonders of ‘mint’ –


And this flower-vase here takes me to a world, where we walk amidst waves, not on roads – love the coastal appeal it has, what say you?

What is your favourite colour this season? Let’s get chatty.


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, 5 – (source)


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