An evening at ‘Fashionwalk’

Hello lovely people!

Hope everyone in the Sheikhland aka Dubai and everywhere else is smiling and looking beautiful. Just in case you are not, read on because what you are going to read ahead is not only going to make you want to feel beautiful but will also make you smile.

So, are you ready for some FFF coming your way???

Don’t know what FFF means? It is a term invented by yours truly … ahem ahem!!! Any guesses??? *winks*

FFF is ‘Fabulous Fashion Fascination’. Yes all of you, who like me, enjoy, appreciate and fascinate all FASHIONABLE FABULOUS THINGS – Look forward to some awesome FFF in this space. *smiles*


So last evening, I went to one of the most waited for events in Dubai – Fashionwalk in the Emirates Towers Hotel and boy … it was literally a walk amidst beautiful fashionable things – things that you won’t find in the malls, things created by talented designers in and out of Dubai and they were showcasing their stunning range all under one roof – at Fashionwalk.

You can imagine what a BIG FFF MOMENT it would have been for someone like me who really appreciates handmade stuff and what if that handmade charm gets combined with the oomph of fashion. Aren’t you smiling like me at this thought? ๐Ÿ™‚

Summer dresses, evening gowns, salwar-kameez, necklaces, earrings, hair bands, clutches … you name it and it was all there. The icing on the cake was an opportunity to get your tarot card reading there.

Here is a little glimpse of few of my favourite things I spotted at Fashionwalk. Detailed reviews coming up soon with loads of more pretty pictures.

Loved this turquoise necklace by ‘karigari’ – Team it with a white summer dress or any pastel shade top and look like a million bucks.

necklace karigari

I LURVE this butterfly clutch by the Clutch Closet – so girlie, so feminine and the best thing about it is that it is Pink with lots of sequins. Love the bright colours to add up to a refreshing summer look. What say you girlies?

butterfly clutch

I love the combination of meenakari with pearls and what if that combo has a peacock design – WALA! Check these beauty out by Sz’een Couture- wear it to look all elegant with any traditional outfit. This one is going to give your look an instant lift up.

earrings Munazzah

Another one from Karigari for someone like me who loves ‘paisley’ or ‘ambi’ or the ‘mor’ design – very traditional, very pretty!

earrings karigari

So, did you like what you saw?

Want more pictures from Fashionwalk?

Do drop in a comment if you liked the pictures.

I always love to hear it from you guys.

And last but not the least, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the organisers and exhibitors at Fashionwalk for such a beautiful event. Very well organised I must say!

Can’t wait for the next one!

Until we speak next, take care and stay beautiful!

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